Electric Collapsible Hopper Extender

Raises In Seconds to Increase Load Capacity

The Hi-Rizer is very easy to operate. All you have to do is flip a switch to raise or lower it. This hopper extender can be installed on everything from a grain truck to a semi trailer.

Only one person is required to operate the unit. It eliminates the hassle of using tie downs or climbing into the trailer. Electro actuators are used to raise, lower, and secure its position. The patent pending aluminum frame that we’ve been perfecting for years is remarkably simple and accounts for this collapsible extender system’s dependability and durability. From the high quality double coated tarp material that doesn’t shrink in the winter or stretch in the summer to the top notch aluminum, it’s built to last.

The electric collapsible extension consists of a lightweight aluminum frame that bolts to the top of the trailer or box and heavy duty, vinyl-coated nylon “bellows-type” sides and electro-mechanical actuators. The extender unit is available in heights from 15 to 30 inches and in lengths from 10 to 53 feet. The actuators operate off the truck’s battery and are used to raise or lower the frame. The actuator operator switch is usually located on the front of the trailer.

An extender really helps with lightweight crops like sunflowers, cotton seed, peanuts, or wheat midds where, even when the trailer is full, you’re still under the legal road weight limit. An extension mounted on a 42 foot trailer with 24 inch sides adds about 535 bushels of capacity. With 30 inch sides it would add about 675 bushels of extra capacity. Another added benefit of this extender system is when it isn’t in use you can lower it to reduce wind resistance and increase fuel economy.

Increase your productivity and efficiency by installing the Hi-Riser hopper extender along with our North Dakota electric roll tarp and North Dakota electric hopper opener. It’s not hard to see how making far fewer trips to and from your favorite grain storage facility can make you a happier and richer person. We want you getting your crops off the field or going to market, not worrying about fixing your hopper.

High quality. Top notch aluminum. It’s built to last.


Read more about the Hi-Rizer in this Farm Show magazine article from 1999 “Collapsible Extension For Grain Trucks, Semi Trailers“.

Take a look at our videos below showing the Hi-Rizer systems in operation with a close up of the electro-mechanical actuators. Visit our YouTube channel’s homepage for more videos.